Terms and conditions

The company undertakes no liability in case of cancellation of trips due to breakdown or for reasons beyond the control of the management. However proportionate refund of fare will be allowed in case no alternate arrangement is made.

  1. Management is not responsible for your luggage s/baggage belongings inside the coach.
  2. The booking is valid for the particular journey to which it is issued.
  3. Any personal luggage or belongings should be taken care of by the passengers themselves or any disputed value should be within Rs.1000/-. Passengers should not carry articles worth more than Rs.1000/-. Any luggage or parcel worth more than Rs.1000/- at parties risk only.
  4. Booking made are not transferable. The management reserves the right to off - load passengers who are travelling on incorrect bookings, disturbing the co-passengers & also drunken passengers, without refund.
  5. The Management reserves the right to cancel, postpone, change or delay the vehicle without assigning any reason, and to change the seating arrangements in case of emergency.
  6. Contraband and explosive article are not allowed.
  7. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the coach.
  8. There is no refund on cancellation of Pre/Postponed & Open bookings.
  9. For booking cancellation and any other changes the customer has to visit nearest company office with ticket and telephonic request will not be entertained.
  10. The coaches and the passengers are covered by insurance. In the event of accidents and consequential injury, loss of life and any other damages, such contingencies are covered by the insurance.
  11. Changes to date or time can be made to your booking if you notify us at least one week prior to the scheduled departure time by visiting our branch office.
  12. Pets and Animals not allowed inside the bus / coach while Journey
  13. Any passenger disturbing the co-passengers is liable to be alighted from the coach.
  14. Bus/Coach will be confirmed only after successful payment.
  15. The cancellation refund will be provided as a cash coupon with an expiry time of one year. You can use this cash coupon anytime with in that one year to do any further bookings.
  16. For complaints round the clock contact +91 99403 69000

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